Welcome to the newly relaunched and improved IDNAC Community Website.  We look forward to your particpation and hope you will bear with us as we add features & functionality.

Intuit Developer Network Advisory Council (IDNAC) Community

QuickBooks Developers ProAdvisors and Users Partnering Together for Better Solutions

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Welcome to the Intuit Developer Network Advisory Council (IDNAC) Community - Learn Advanced QuickBooks Techniques and "How" QuickBooks Add-ons Can Help You Run Your Business More Efficiently.

The Intuit Developer Network Advisory Council (IDNAC) Community is an educational website focusing on providing informative insight, through interviews and case studies, about how QuickBooks Add-ons can help small and medium-sized business owners run their businesses more effectively.

What the IDNAC Community Website Can Do For You:

  • Developers: Have your product showcased in the IDNAC Community Newsletter, establish relationships with other Developers and QuickBooks Professionals for co-marketing opportunities.
  • ProAdvisors: Establish yourself as a QuickBooks Expert or become a hero to your clients by learning about QuickBooks integrated applications that will automate time-consuming, error prone tasks.
  • QuickBooks Users: Learn about add-on software that enhances and extends the functionality of QuickBooks.

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  • Subscribe to the IDNAC Newsletter featuring interesting articles highlighting developer products, community accomplishments, and a wide variety of learning topics and project updates.
  • Participate in our forums where Developers, ProAdvisors, and QuickBooks Users can exchange ideas.
  • Read articles that discuss ways of expanding the functionality of QuickBooks by using integrated applications.
  • Learn advanced QuickBooks Tips & Techniques, which will make your daily accounting procedures more meaningful.


You will find that the Intuit Developer Network Advisory Council (IDNAC) Community website will become your "go to" source for constant and up-to-date information about activities for each of these key Intuit contributors.

The contributors on this site are not Intuit Employees; everyone has freely volunteered their time and expertise to create and build a community portal to share information and knowledge.


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